Hello, my name is Ray, and welcome to RGC. I am a tenured Creative with over 12 years of agency experience. My background is in Art Direction and Design. I am a master pixel pusher, strategic thinker, and a proven leader.  My true passion lies in feeding off a creative team and together crafting unique and inspired work. I build with a purpose that drives results for my clients and my team. I have worked in all facets of our ever-evolving industry including, brand building, web design, email, digital marketing, shopper marketing, packaging, guerrilla, and non-traditional as well as above-the-line print, radio, and TV.  


I am a Colorado native, but the Windy City is where I got my start in the industry. I enjoy having a fly rod in my hand, a snowboard beneath my feet, a good conversation with a cold beer, and two dogs by my side.


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