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Hello, my name is Ray, and welcome to RGC. I am a tenured Creative with over two decades of experience making clients happy. My background is in creative direction, graphic design, strategy, and any other marketing or branding issue you have. I am a master pixel pusher, strategic thinker, and proven leader. I build with a purpose... yours.


It all starts with a solid strategy and a great concept. Today brands must fight for attention more and more.


RGC will set your brand on the right path with a solid creative concept and a marketing strategy that delivers results. 


A digital presence is a must and every day the digital game changes. RGC builds more than a website but rather a digital experience that suits your specific needs. I utilize proper UX practices and build to maximize SEO.


Design is the visual voice of your brand. I use the energy and values of your brand and build the visual identity. From retro illustration to modern design RGC will create a visual identity and concept that perfectly fits your brand. 

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