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Coors Light NHL

OOH - Print - Retail

Creative Team: Ray Gordon, Brad Vermeer


Coors Light and Hockey, is there a better partnership?  Forever, Coors Light has touted "cold" in every part of their brand story. Hockey is the obvious sport for them. This program was about more than cold. We already sponsored the NHL, but we also wanted to "own the ice." We landed in a great spot and did a fantastic shoot in Montreal to get it done. This was also broken down into local markets where Coors Light partnered with specific NHL teams. 


As a larger part of the campaign, Coors Light also sponsored the stadium series events in Colorado and Minnesota. We designed specialty packaging for the events that were distributed in each city leading up to the event to generate buzz and excitement.


Coors Light MLB

OOH - Print - Retail


Coors Light had secured multiple partnerships with specific teams in the MLB and we were tasked with building a campaign that was engaging, dynamic and that could work across all the teams. The main image was built to switch out uniforms and stadium backgrounds to be iconic in each market. Along with visual development, we explored many options for permanent displays in various markets.

BRV_Neon copy.gif
BRV_BatsDisplay copy.gif

Coors Banquet Redesign

OOH, Print, Retail


As a part of the Coors Heritage program, The Banquet Beer was to get a fresh makeover in throwback designs of the past. We digitally rebuilt the old labels and then wrapped them on pre-shot blanks to create a stunning visual to support the program. The final key image was used for on-premise and off-premise activation. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 4.26.43 PM.jpg
CB_Stream_Pull_v2 Trim Tree.jpg
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