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Hello, and thank you for the visit.  My discipline is Art Direction and Design, but I think it's tough to put a title on what we as creatives do everyday.  I am a master pixel pusher, strategic thinker and a proven leader.  My true passion lies in developing the people I work with and together crafting unique and inspired work.  In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the business.  I am truly grateful for everything they have taught me about myself and this wacky industry that I love. 


I am a Colorado native, but the Windy City is where I got my start in the industry. I enjoy having a fly rod in my hand, a snowboard beneath my feet, a good conversation with a cold beer and two dogs by my side.  I have a true passion for what I do, but I make an effort to smell the outside of a cubicle, as we all should. 


RGC offers a wide range of marketing and branding services. From brand building, websites and social media to print, radio and TV. RGC services full brand developments, smaller ad hoc projects and any ongoing needs for your brand. Together, we will create lasting impressions that drive results for you and your clients.


It all starts with a solid strategy and a great concept. Today brands must fight for attention more and more.


RGC will set your brand on the right path with a solid creative concept and a marketing strategy that delivers results. 


A digital presence is a must and everyday the digital game changes. RGC builds more than a website but rather a full digital experience that suits your specific needs. I utilize proper UX practices and build to a wide range of website and digital platforms that fit your needs.  


Design is the visual voice of your brand. I use the energy and values of your brand and build the visual identity. From retro illustration to modern design RGC will create a visual identity and concept that perfectly fits your brand. 

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