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Miller Lite Texas Proud

OOH - Print - Digital - Retail

Creative Team: Ray Gordon, Michael Emmerson, Michael Dee


To say Texas has an attitude is an understatement. While most people think Miller was born in Milwaukee, that is not the case. It was first brewed in Texas. One thing a Texan can relate to is straight talk when it comes to heritage. So, you're damn right, that's exactly what we did! Miller Lite had just been through a rebranding for local markets utilizing various illustrative styles to stand out in the market and engage a younger audience with a more stylistic approach. We developed messaging and art that speaks to the heart of a Texan and associated Miller Lite as a local, born and brewed in Texas.   

Miller Lite NASCAR

Print - Digital - Retail

Creative Team: Ray Gordon, Kevin Gosselin


A blast from Miller Lite past. The Blue Duce has been a NASCAR favorite for years. Brad Keselowski was the new driver and had just come off a winning season. Miller Lite wanted to build a "fan favorite" campaign to support the new era of Miller Lite racing. We achieved this with a meticulous photoshoot utilizing forced perspective angles to give the car a more aggressive look. Along with retail and print executions, we designed a digital campaign allowing consumers to engage with Brad and get to know the new Blue Duce driver in a real setting enjoying a few Miller Lites. 

web video.jpg

Miller Lite Rodeo Houston

OOH - Print - Retail

Creative Team: Ray Gordon, Michael Emmerson, Jeff Kintzel


Embracing unique illustrative styles our assignment was to build a campaign for Rodeo Houston. It needed to be on brand and engaging at a local level. The key was to combine BBQ and music in an interesting and unique way. This Key Visual was hand drawn and then converted into a vector format for print and merch production. We also did a small photo shoot for the hat and rope for an on-premise permanent bar sign. 

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